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Cent Samvridhi Savings Account

Type of Account


Resident Savings Account


Residents above 18 years of age

Mode of holding A/c

Singly / Jointly / Jointly with survivorship benefits

Rate of interest and frequency

Applicable as per latest deposit rate  and daily basis

Auto-sweep facility


Yes available.

Core Deposit /Threshold Deposit

`Rs 50,000.00

Minimum Balance

Quarterly average balance of Rs 25,000.00

Initial FD amount

Minimum Rs 5000.00 and thereafter in multiples of Rs 5000.00

Sweep out procedure

Amount will be sweeped out to FD in a unit of ` 5000.00 and multiple thereon

Sweep out periodicity (From SB to FD account)


Min Deposit period


46 days

Max Deposit Period

179 days. FD will be auto renewed on maturity and interest credited to the linked Saving account.

Rate of Interest on Fixed Deposit

Rate of Interest on Fixed Deposit as applicable to the relevant deposit period.
Additional interest rate benefit to Senior citizen @ 0.50% on fixed deposit.
No additional benefit to Staff/Ex-staff and Senior Citizen
On sweep-in: units will attract interest rate applicable to deposit period


Daily in multiple of  Rs 5000.00

Sweep-in Method



Facilities / privileges available

  • Free ATM cum debit card
  • 50% waiver in first year’s credit card fees
  • Free Net Banking
  • Free stop payment instruction max two per month.
  • 50% concession on Demat AMC charges for first year

All other charges as per prevailing rules.


Premature encashment of Fixed Deposit: Penalty as per the prevailing rules.
Penalty for non-maintenance of Minimum Balance: Rs 300/-

Loan Facility