Cent PMFME Scheme


-To build Capability of Micro Enterprise to enable;

i) Increased access to credit by existing micro food processing entrepreneurs,FPOs, SHGs, and Cooperatives

ii) Integration with organized supply chain by strengthening branding & marketing

iii) Support for transition of existing enterprises in to formal framework.

iv) Increased access to common services like common processing facility, laboratories, storage, packaging, marketing and incubation services

v) Strengthening of Institutions, Research and Training in the Food Processing Sector.

vi) Increased access for the enterprises, to professional and technical support.


Eligible Entities

-Individual Micro Enterprises, Farmer Producer Organization (FPOs) /Producers Cooperatives and SHGs


Nature of facility

* Term Loan/Cash Credit/OD Book Debts against receivables

Non Fund Based (NFB) Limits- Bank Guarantee(BG) 



Minimum 10%



* Primary-Hypothecation of assets created out of bank's finance.
* Collateral
- No collateral for limit uptoRs  2.00Crore since advance will be covered under CGTMSE.
- For limits above Rs  2.00 Crore-
Total value of collateral security should be at least 150% of the amount financed by Bank


Interest Rate



Processing Charges

* UptoRs 25,000/- : Nil .
* Above Rs 25,000/-: @ Rs 120/- per lac or part thereof subject to Max Rs 50,000/-


Documentation Charges


UptoRs 2 lakh- NIL

>Rs2 Lakh to Rs25 Lakh- Rs 50/- per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs 1000/-

>Rs25 Lakh to Rs50Lakh- Rs 75/-per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs 3000/-

>Rs50 Lakh toRs1Crores- Rs 100/- per Lakh or part thereof Max. Rs 7500/-

>Rs 1Crore toRs 100 Crore-Rs100/-per Lakh or part thereof MaxRs.15000/-



* CC/OD- To be renewed every year.

* Term Loan- Max 6 years (including max moratorium of 6 months)