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Facilities for Pensioners

a. Doorstep Banking Services We  are  providing  Doorstep  Banking  Services  to pensioners  at  100  centers  at  nominal  Charges  for financial and non-financial transactions.
b. Grievance Redressal System and its average clearance rate. We have a dedicated Grievance Redressal System. Average Clearance Time : 
Branch level-TAT-7 DAYS.
R.O level-TAT BEYOND 7 DAYs.
c. Average  time  taken  to  process change of branch by the  pensioner if required. 1.  In our Bank-one branch to another branch-
within a day.
2.From our Bank to another Bank- within a fortnight.
d. Dedicated Counter at branches for Senior Citizens Dedicated counter is available at our bank branches nationwide.
e. Loan to pensioners We are  offering  loan  facilities  to  pensioners  at Competitive rate of interest.
f. Interest on FD We offer  additional  rate  of  interest  of  0.50%  in Addition to normal rate of interest to Senior Citizen Pensioners.
g. Average time  taken  for  crediting First pension. We credit  the pension within 30  days  of receiving PPO.
h. Submission of Annual Life Certificate Life Certificate can be submitted in DLC (Digital Life Certificate) from anywhere in Pan India basis through Jeevan Pramaan Portal or at any of our Branch. Link is
i. Provision for pension slip Pension slip sent on registered mail id. It can be extracted through net banking facility.