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Cent Super Non-Callable Time Deposit for 444 days

Salient features of Non-Callable Time Deposit for 444 days.

  • Minimum deposit-Above Rs.15 lakhs and Maximum deposit- Up to Rs .10 Cr.
  • Additional interest of 0.50%  to Senior Citizens, 1% to staff /ex staff members, 1% to Super Senior Citizen and 2 % to ex-staff super senior citizen will be paid .
  • A Super Senior Citizen is an individual resident who is 80 years and above i.e same criteria which applicable for Super Senior Citizen under Income Tax act.
  • Premature withdrawal is allowed. However it will attract penalty of 2.50% on the applicable rate of interest for running period of the time.
  • The deposit is allowed for Non Resident Category also.
  • Premature Withdrawal of NRE Deposit-In case of premature withdrawal No interest payable if closed before completion of 1 year. 1% penal interest to be applied (as applicable) if closed before maturity after completion of 1 year. Premature withdrawal is not allowed if loan availed against the deposit
  • Rate of Interest on NRE Deposit-Additional benefit of interest is not allowed to either Senior citizen or ex-staff/staff.
  • No auto renewal should be allowed and auto closure should be marked in the system.
  • The product will be opened through Online/Offline mode..

Loan/Overdraft facility is available as per Bank’s guidelines

Non-Callable Deposit Above Rs.15 lakhs.
No Period Of Deposit ROI (w.e.f from 30.12.22)
1 444 7.60

*The Rate of Interest will be change from Time to Time as per ALCO direction.