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CENT Swa-Shakti Flexi Recurring Deposit Schemes

Freedom to deposit the amount of your choice every month

Eligibility :

Individuals (singly & jointly), Minors above 10 years singly, Minors below 10 years jointly with Guardian(s), HUF, proprietorship, partnerships, Institutions clubs / trust / societies, corporates etc.

Rate of Interest :

Interest rate will be as per prevailing term deposit card rate. It will be calculated on daily basis and will be credited every half yearly. Additional 0.5% intrest for Senior Citizen.

Core Installments:

The depositor has to choose Monthly Core instalment.Minimum monthly Core instalment will be 100/- in the multiples of 100 subject to maximum ceiling of 100000.

Variable portion :

Beside monthly core amount the depositor can also deposit additional fund. The total monthly deposit should not exceed  10 times of  core amount. The installment can also be deposited one or more times during a month.

The monthly instalment can be reduced in any month but it should not be lesser then CORE amount.

Period of Deposit :

Flexibility in period of deposit ranging from 6 months to 120 months.

Method of payment of Instalment :

  • Cash/Clearing
  • Transfer from any Branch
  • ECS
  • SWEEP (Standing instruction) Facility

Liquidity :

LOAN, OD and advances up to 90% of the deposit amount plus accrued Interest Premature closure allowed.

Penalty :

No penalty for delayed instalment/Premature Closure

Nomination Facility :


Maturity :

Expiry of the period for which deposit was accepted.


Free Transfer of account between wide 4K+ network of branches.

Regular Updates :

You can monitor your deposit through Internet Banking or through a passbook issued to you

OVER DUE Deposit :

Interest on overdue deposit will be paid as per prevalent policy of the bank from time to time.