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  • BHIM Cent UPI is the Unified Mobile Banking application of the bank for carrying out financial transactions. UPI application is available for Android and Apple platform. It can be used for all transaction needs of the customer ranging from sending money, online purchases, Bill payments to receiving Money. All of this is done using a VPA (Virtual Payment Address) which hides the actual account number. The service can be easily activated through the registered handset and Debit Card.

    For the  Android Platform (SHA 256 Checksum ) given below:-

    SHA256 : b56d0f7d7087988f5bc99a6d8e1bf768feaa1e8dd18f9eef44b4c7d9dfbdd304
    for iOS Platform :-
    iOS user cannot install application other than the app store. We upload archive file which gets converted to ipa after upload to app store. Checksum of ipa and archive will never be same so Checksum will not be applicable for iOS binary.
  • Get Started

    • Download and install App from Google Play store for Android Mobiles or Apple Play store for i-Phones.
    • Activate using Debit Card (The App requires the SIM card to be available on the Handset and it verifies it using an SMS sent form the Handset as one time setup)
    • Send Money using
      1. Virtual Payment Address(VPA),
      2. Account Number and IFSC
      3. Mobile number and MMID
    • Collect Money
    • Creation of Payment address for Bank Accounts
    • Manage Payee
    • Balance enquiry
    • Transaction history
    • Know Transaction status
    • Raise Complaints
    • Generate / Change MPIN
    • Notification for collect request
    • Approval of collect request
    • Mandate
    • Block/ snooze collect request
    • Set UPI PIN
  • What is UPI?

    Unified payment Interface (UPI) is a payments system platform developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Here a customer can fetch and place all his/her accounts maintained with different banks and transact through these accounts. UPI facilitates money transfer between any two parties using a smart phone through a payment identifier like a combination of an account number and IFS Code or a virtual address.

    How is UPI different from IMPS??

    UPI is providing additional benefits to IMPS in the following ways:

    Provides the "Collect Money" option Single Android app for funds transfer using account of any bank participating in UPI Simplifies Merchant Payments Provides single click two factor authentication.

    UPI is available on which platforms??

    UPI is providing additional benefits to IMPS in the following ways:

    Provides the "Collect Money" option

    Single Android app for funds transfer using account of any bank participating in UPI

    Simplifies Merchant Payments

    Provides single click two factor authentication.

    UPI is available on which platforms??

    UPI is currently available only for Android smart phone and Apple users and is available on Play Store / app store . It would be made available for other platforms shortly.

    Is registration mandatory for making transactions using UPI??

    Yes. You need to register on UPI and link your bank accounts before performing transactions.

    I am not a Central Bank of India customer, can I still use the Central Bank of India UPI application??

    Yes. You may use Central Bank of India UPI application even if you are not a Central Bank of India customer and add accounts maintained in other banks participating in UPI.

    What are the requirements for using UPI??

    While registering for Central Bank of India UPI, please ensure you have following:

    A smartphone with internet services

    An operative bank account

    The mobile number being registered with UPI must be linked to the bank account.

    Active debit card relating to this account for creating UPI

    PIN for transactions.

    Are there any additional charges for transactions done using UPI??

    Currently, there are no charges for transactions done through UPI for P2P txns.

    How do I register in the Central Bank of India UPI application??

    Click on “New User Registration” to verify the Mobile Number. An OTP (One Time Password) will be sent from your mobile for verification. The SMS should be sent from the mobile number registered with the bank accounts. In case of dual- SIM phones, please ensure the SMS is delivered from the mobile number registered with the bank (Please keep the registered SIM in the first slot). After your mobile number is verified, the New Registration screen is displayed. Fill in the required details. Create a six digit numeric password for logging into the application.

    What are the different channels for transferring funds using UPI? ?

    The different channels available for transferring funds using UPI are:

    Transfer through Virtual ID

    Account Number and IFSC combination

    Mobile number and MMID combination

    Collect / Pull money through virtual ID

    How do I link my bank account with UPI??

    After successfully registering with UPI, click on the "Add Bank Account" link. Choose your Bank from the menu; the Bank should be an existing UPI participant.

    Why am I not able to connect on UPI? ?

    The reasons may be:

    Your account may have become Inactive/Dormant.

    The mobile number from which you are trying to log in may not be registered in your Account.

    Your Bank is not a UPI participant.

    You may not have a debit card linked to your bank account.

    I see accounts which do not belong to me. What should I do??

    It might be that your mobile number is registered by mistake against the account number in question. Please contact the respective Bank whose account is visible.

    All my accounts are not visible. Why?

    As of now in Central Bank of India UPI:

    Only Savings, Current Deposit and Overdraft accounts are visible.

    The mode of operation should be Operating Singly/Either or Survivor/Anyone or Survivor.

    Only those accounts that are linked to your debit card will be displayed.

    What is 'Virtual Address'? How do I create one?

    A Virtual Address is created for your bank account which acts as a unique identifier that is to be used for performing transactions. For remitting money, you just need to enter the virtual address of the beneficiary. The beneficiary need not reveal account details as only their Virtual address is required for carrying out the transactions.

    What is UPI PIN? How do I set UPI PIN ?

    After successful addition of bank account and creation of virtual address, click on Set PIN for setting a PIN for transaction. This PIN would be required for authorizing transactions. An OTP would be delivered on the registered mobile number. You also need to enter the last 6 digits of your debit card and its expiry date. You can use Change PIN option to change the PIN required for transactions.

    Why am I not able to set UPI PIN for my account despite entering valid debit card details ?

    Using the debit card, you can set the UPI PIN only for the primary account linked to the card. To know the details of the primary account linked to the card, please contact your branch.

    How can I perform transactions using UPI ?

    After adding bank account, generate the virtual address and set UPI PIN for authenticating transactions.

    Click on "Pay".

    If you choose to transact using Virtual Address, enter valid virtual address of the beneficiary. The beneficiary must be registered with UPI. If you choose to transact through IFSC and Bank Account number, enter the required details. This is useful where the beneficiary is not registered with UPI. To ask for money from friends, use the "Collect Money" option, enter the payer details and click "Collect Money" To approve collect money requests raised by friends, click the "Pending Approval" option.

    How can I track my transactions? Where do I register a complaint with reference to the UPI transaction?

    Click on "Txn Status" to track the transactions. If you have any concerns, select the particular transaction and log the complaint by writing the relevant comment for it. You can further check its status from 'Complaint Status' menu.

    Can I use more than one UPI application on the same phone?

    Yes, one can use more than one UPI application on the same phone and link accounts of any Bank registered with UPI.

    Can I keep more than one Virtual Address for an account?

    Yes. For a given bank account, up to ten virtual addresses can exist

    What if my account is debited but the transaction fails?

    Within a few minutes, the transaction amount would be refunded to your account. In case of any further issues, please log a complaint.

    Can I transfer money abroad using UPI?

    As of now, only domestic transactions are allowed.

    If I change my UPI app / Handset / SIM will I be required to register again or can I carry the same virtual address?

    In case of change in UPI app version / Handset / SIM, you need to re-register with the same process of mobile number verification and the virtual address will remain the same.

    What happens if my mobile phone is being used by other person or is lost ?

    The UPI app authenticates your identity through mobile number. Get your mobile number blocked through your service provider in case of theft or loss. In addition, PIN would be required both for logging into the application and authorizing transactions. So the possibility of security breach is minimized. The PIN is not to be shared with anyone.