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Mutual Funds

About Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds pool money of various investors to purchase a wide variety of securities while pursuing a specific goal. Selection of Securities for the purpose is done by the specialists from the field. Returns generated are distributed to the Investors.
Mutual Fund Companies offer various schemes. The investors can choose any particular Fund/Scheme or mix of Funds/Schemes depending upon their perception towards risk. Investment is done on the basis of prevailing Net Asset Values of various schemes. Types of Funds Sold
We help you determine which types of funds you need to meet your investment goals. This may include the following types of funds:

  • Debt: Liquid schemes, Income schemes, G-sec schemes, Monthly Income Schemes etc.
  • Equity: Diversified Equity Schemes, Sector Schemes, Index Schemes etc.
  • Hybrid Funds: Balanced Schemes, Special Schemes - Pension,, Child education Schemes etc.

At Central Bank, our AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds of India) certified advisors would help you to select the most suitable Mutual Fund schemes for your portfolio through asset allocation strategies.
Through the selected branches of Central Bank of India you can invest in various schemes of UTI Mutual Fund , TATA Mutual Fund , Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund , Reliance Mutual Fund , Sundaram Mutual Fund , Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund , ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund , DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund , IDFC Mutual Fund , L&T Mutual Fund and Prinicipal Pnb Mutual Fund . All these fund houses have decent performance record.
Mutual Funds Investments are subject to Market Risks

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