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Cent Agri Gold Loan scheme


* To enable farmers& persons engaged in Agriculture & allied activities to quickly meet their agricultural credit needs i.e., both for crop production and also for meeting investment credit needs.


*Farmers & persons engaged in agriculture or allied activities.

Nature of facility

* Short Term Production credit -
CKCC/CC/OD or Single Transaction Demand Loanrepayable within one year.
*Term Loans -
Repayable within 60 months.


* For crop production- The quantum of loan will be assessed on the basis of Scale of Finance

(However limit will be restricted to value of pledged Gold Jwellery/Gold coins issued by our bank, less stipulated margin, presently 20%)
* For other purposes-On the basis of actual credit requirement.


- CC/OD limit and Short Term Loans repayable within one year


Quantum of Loan

Rs. 3250 per garm of Gold of 22 carat purity and Rs.3550 per garm of 24 carat purity gold.(subject to periodic review based on the market price of gold)

Maximum Quantum of Loan Rs 20.00 Lakh only


* Pledge of gold ornaments and/or gold coins* of 22 carat or higher purity
*(Gold Coins issued by our bank weighing Maximum 50 grams per borrower will be accepted).

Interest Rate

CKCC-Gold Loan (Interest Subvention upto 3.00 Lakh)

Other than Interest Subvention




Processing Charges

* Production Credit- NIL

*Other than production Credit- * Upto 3 Lakh/- :-NIL

Above 3 Lakh/- @ Rs 0.30%- (Completely waived till 31.12.2023)

Upfront Fee

Up to Rs 5 lakh- NIL

>Above Rs 5 Lakh/-:  Rs 5000/- + GST

Appraiser Fee to be recovered on actual basis from the borrower irrespective of loan amount

Repayment Period

* Cash Credit / Overdraft :
Limit will be valid for 5 years, subject to annual review.
* Demand Loan :
Repayment will be based on income generation, within a maximum period of 18 months.
* Term Loan :
Within a maximum period of 5 years