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Cent Estate Purchase Scheme


* To provide loan for purchase of estates growing traditional plantation crops.


* The purchaser should have yielding estates and should also be in a position to rejuvenate the Estate proposed to be purchased.

Nature of facility

* Term Loan repayable within 7 to 9 years

Quantum of Loan

* UptoRs2.00 crores. Loans of more than Rs2.00 crores can also be considered on merit.


* 50% on purchase consideration or market value whichever is higher.


* Primary :
- Charge on property to be purchased.
- Hypothecation of Plantation crops raised on the land/estate.
Collateral :
- Charge on other landed/residential property.

(In any case total Value of Security should not be less than 200% of Loan amount)

Interest Rate

Above Rs3.00 lakh to Rs10.00 lacs
Above Rs10.00 lakhs uptoRs100.00lacs
Above Rs100.00 Lakhs

MCLR + 1.35%
MCLR + 2.50%
MCLR + 3.00%
As per rating of borrower

UpFront Fee

* Upto 3 Lakh /-:  NIL

Above Rs 3 Lakh/- : 50% of 1.25%(i.e 0.625%).

Repayment Period

* Within 7 to 9 years