Cent Solar-PM KUSUM Scheme



* To set up Decentralized Ground/ Stilt mounted Grid connected Solar or other Renewable Energy based Power Plants (REPP) of capacity 500KW to 2MW



Individual Farmer/ Group of Farmers/ Co-operatives/Panchayat/Farmer producer organization (FPO)/ Water User Associations


Nature of facility

* Term Loan/Working capital against receivables/NFB-LC/BG 



Term Loan/ BG - 25%

OD Book Debts-40




* Primary Security - Hypothecation of Plant & Machineries installed.
* Collateral
150% of limit collateral security required


Interest Rate


Above Rs3.00 lakh to Rs10.00 lacs
Above Rs10 lakhs uptos.100 lakhs
Above Rs100.00 Lakhs

MCLR + 1.35%
MCLR + 2.50%
MCLR + 3.00%
As per risk rating of borrower


Processing Charges

* UptoRs25,000/- : Nil .
* Above Rs25,000/- to Rs 500 Lakh: @ Rs120/- per lac or part thereof subject to Max Rs 50,000/-


Documentation Charges


UptoRs2 lakh- NIL

>Rs2 Lakh to Rs25 Lakh- Rs50/- per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs1000/-

>Rs25 Lakh to Rs50Lakh- Rs75/- per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs3000/-

>Rs50 Lakh to Rs1Crores- Rs100/-per Lakh or part thereof Max. Rs7500/-

Above RS.1 Crore – Rs 100/- per Lakh or Part thereof


Inspection Charges

Up to Rs  2 lakh : Nil
>Rs 2 lakh up to Rs 5 lakh : Rs 200/-
>Rs 5 lakh up to Rs 50 lakh : Rs 500/-

>Rs 50 lakh to Rs 1 Crore: Rs 2000/-

>Rs 1 Crore to Rs 10 CroreRs 3,000/-




* 10 years (including moratorium max 12 months).