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Cent Warehouse Receipt Scheme


* To finance against pledge of Warehouse / Cold Storage Receipts .


* Individual Farmers, SHGs, JLGs, Corporates, Partnership firms and co-operatives of farmers directly engaged in agricultural and allied activities .
* Food and Agro based processing units .
* Processors, Arthias and Traders .

Nature of facility

* Cash Credit / Demand Loan .

Quantum of Finance

*Maximum Rs50.00Lakh

*Minimum of
(i) Market Price,
(ii) Minimum Support Price and
(iii) Value mentioned in the Warehouse Receipt, Less Margin.


* 35%


* Primary -
Pledge of Warehouse Receipt.
* Collateral -
- No collateral against Warehouse Receipts issued by Central / State Warehousing Corporations and by other collateral managers having tie-up arrangements with the bank.
- In other cases :
o Third party guarantee of two persons
o Mortgage/Charge on property to the extent of at least 50% of the loan amount.

Interest Rate
(for Agriculture)

MCLR + 1.85% (excluding collateral manager charges which are to be recovered from borrower on actual basis)

(for other sectors)

* For other sectors viz., MSME and Non-Priority Sectors, the rate of interest will be as applicable to that sector.

Processing Charges

* Upto Rs 3 Lakh : - NIL

* Rs 3 Lakh /- : @0.30%

Upfront Fee

* Upto Rs 3 Lakh : - NIL

* Rs 3 Lakh /- : 50% of 1.25% (i.e. 0.625%)


* Within 12 months or due date of Warehouse Receipt, whichever is earlier .