Agri Clinic and Agri Business Center


* To Set up Agri Clinic or Agri Business Centers .


* Qualified/Trained Individuals and Group of Individuals .

Nature of facility

* Composite Loan. ( Term loan for fixed capital cost+ CC for operating cycle

Quantum of Loan

* For individual: Maximum of Rs 20.00 Lakhs
For group project: Maximum of Rs 100.00 lakhs


* 0-20% (depending upon quantum of loan.)

Rate of Interest

UptoRs3,00,000/- .
Above Rs3.00 Lakh uptoRs100 lacs


MCLR + 1.50%
MCLR + 2.50%

Processing Charges

* UptoRs25,000/- : Nil .
* Above Rs25,000/-: @ Rs120/- per lac or part thereof

Documentation Charges

* UptoRs2.00Lakh- NIL

>Rs2 Lakh to Rs25.00Lakh- Rs50/- per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs1000/-

>Rs25 Lakh to Rs50Lakh- Rs75/- per Lakh or part thereof Max Rs3000/-

>Rs 50 Lakh to Rs 1 Crore- Rs 100/- per lakh or part thereof Max Rs 7500/-


* 5 to 7 years


* Primary Security :
Hypothecation of assets created out of Bank Finance.
* Collateral Security :
UptoRs5.00 Lakh- NIL

Above Rs5.00 Lakh-Creation of Mortgage or Charge on Agriculture Land