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Cent Rental

Purpose :

Financing property owners against future lease rentals for business/ personal needs or any lawful activity. Not for speculative purpose.

Eligibility :

Property owners having their property situated in Metro/ Urban Area / Semi-Urban areas, who have let out /leased their property under registered lease deed /sub- lease deed / rent deed to Govt./ Semi Govt./ Public Sector Undertakings/Reputed Corporations / Banks/ Financial Institutions/ Insurance Cos./ Multinational Companies etc.

Nature of Facility :

Term Loan

Quantum of finance :

Term Loan to the extent of 65 % of future lease rental receivable for residual period; Maximum Rs.5 Crore.

Future Lease Rent Receivables = Gross rent Receivables less (advance rent received + property tax + income tax + other statutory dues of the lessor)


  • Assignment of future rent receivables in favour of Bank.
  • Equitable Mortgage of Property: Realizable value should be at least 150% of loan amount.


  • Personal Guarantee of joint/ co-owner of the property (if any)
  • Personal guarantee of all Directors other than Nominated/Professional Directors (in case of Corporate Borrowers)


Borrower/s to keep the insurance for the full market value of the property to be mortgaged in the name of the borrower/s with bank clause, against risk of damage, loss, destruction by fire and such other risks as may be prescribed by the bank and keep up such insurances live until the amount due under the Term Loan of the bank is paid in full.


  • Repayable in 84 months or within the unexpired lease period whichever is earlier.
  • The entire EMI to be recovered from monthly rent receivables and credited into loan account every month



Present ROI for Loan up to 3 year is 12.15% & for Loan above 3 year is 12.65%

Processing Charges

1% of Loan amount Max. Rs.3 Lakh

Documentation Charges

For loan up to Rs.50.00 lakh – Rs.2500/- For Loans above Rs.50.00 lakh – Rs.5000/

Borrower's obligations

All obligations as lesser under the lease to be fulfilled by the borrower. Borrower shall be responsible for up keeping of the property, payment of all taxes, insurance premium etc.

For further details please contact our nearest branch or call on the toll free no. 1800 22 1911