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Cent Personal Loan Scheme


To meet personal / domestic expenses &Takeover


Permanent Employees of Railways, Government institutions, Central and State Government, Schools, Hospitals, Municipal Bodies etc. having completed ONE year of service and having salary account with our Bank for 12 Months
Confirmed/ Permanent employees of Indian/multinational Companies having completed minimum THREE years of service and having salary account with our Bank for 12 Months.

  • Note: Loan to be sanctioned to all permanent employees only

Quantum of loan:

Minimum Gross Salary- Rs.1.80 Lakh p.a

Twenty four times of gross salary subject to  maximum of Rs.20,00,000/- and minimum  net take home pay 50%* of gross salary after taking into consideration payment of statutory dues, repayment of various  loans including the installment of proposed  loan is permitted

* 40% net take home pay is permitted only where employer’s undertaking is available.

Rate of Interest:

RBLR+CRP (2.65/3.40) =12.00/12.75% at present


84 equated monthly Installments(In multiples of 12).

Processing Fees:

1.00% of loan amount-(Completely waived till 31.03.2024)
For Defence Personnel: NIL


Up to Rs.2 lakh- Rs.270/- +GST
Above Rs.2 lakh- Rs.450/-+GST
For Defence Personnel: NIL