Cent Personal Loan Scheme


To meet personal / domestic expenses


Permanent Employees of Railways, Government institutions, Central and State Government, Schools, Hospitals, Municipal Bodies etc .having completed ONE year of service
Confirmed/ Permanent employees of Indian/multinational Companies having completed minimum THREE years of service.

Quantum of loan:

Twenty times of gross salary subject to maximum of Rs.15,00,000/- and minimum net take home pay of 40% of gross salary after taking into consideration payment of statutory dues, repayment of various loans including the installment of proposed loan.

Rate of Interest:

RBLR+CRP(3/3.20) =10.75/10.95% at present


84 equated monthly Installments.

Processing Fees:

1.00% of loan amount
For Defence Personnel: NIL


Up to Rs.2 lakh- Rs.270/- +GST
Above Rs.2 lakh- Rs.450/-+GST
For Defence Personnel: NIL