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Cent - construction equipment finance Scheme (CCEF)


Firms/Companies (including Contractors) engaged in construction activity.


For financing New Machinery/Equipment/Vehicles for construction activities

Quantum of Finance:

Maximum Rs.5.00Crore.


25% of the cost of Machinery/Equipment/Vehicles

Rate of Interest:

Up-to Rs.1Crore (Term Loan up-to one year):

  • Up-to Rs.10.00Lac: MCLR + 0.50%.
  • Above Rs.10.00Lac to Rs.100Lac: MCLR + 1.00%.

Above Rs.1Crore: Based on Customer Credit Rating.
For Loan Tenor Premium will be: 1 year to 3 years is 0.25% & 3 years to 5 years is 0.50%.

Terms of Repayment:

Loan is to be repaid in Maximum 60 equated monthly instalments (EMIs), commencing from next month of first disbursement.



Hypothecation of machinery/ equipment/ vehicles financed by the Bank


25% of the loan amount by way of mortgage of property/ land & building/ Liquid security.

Processing Charges:

  • Nil up-to Rs.5.00Lac.
  • Rs.200/-per lac (maximum Rs.1Lac) above Rs.5.00Lac.