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Eligibility :

  1. Professionals: Registered Medical Practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Consultant Engineers and Architects, Management Consultants, Tax Consultants, Free-lance accredited Journalists/Cameraman/Caterers who are holding either a degree or diploma from established institutions and established in their profession.
  2. Individuals/Jointly/Partnership firm (excluding partnership firm where HUF is a partner) / Joint Stock Company (excluding persons engaged in Real Estate/Speculative Activities /Capital Market Activities) excluding businessmen.
  3. Minimum experience 3 years in their field.
  4. Minimum age 25 and maximum up to 65 years
  5. The applicant should be an Income tax assesse.


Finance for acquisition of ready built office premises.

Quantum of Finance :

  1. For Individual : Minimum Limit: Rs.1.00Lac & Maximum Limit: Rs.100.00Lac.
  2. For Firm / Corporate / Companies : Minimum Limit: Rs.1.00Lac & Maximum Limit: Rs.500.00Lac.

Margin :

  1. Term Loan: 35% on cost of the office premises.
  2. 40% for furniture and fixtures.
  3. Overdraft : 50 % against receivables not older than 90 days.

Rate of Interest :

  1. Up to Rs.10.00Lac: MCLR + 0.50%
  2. Above Rs.10Lac and up to Rs.100.00Lac: MCLR + 1.00%.
  3. For Micro & small enterprises above Rs.1Crore :
  4. Based on Customer Credit Rating

  5. For Term Loan Tenor Premium will be : 1 year to 3 years is 0.25% & above 3 years is 0.50%

Terms of Repayment :

  1. Term Loan is to be repaid in Maximum 120 equated monthly instalments (EMIs), commencing after 3 months from the date of disbursement. (Moratorium 3 months).
  2. Working Capital: for 12 months subject to renewal annually.

Security :

  1. Primary Security :
    • Equitable Mortgage of Office Premises for Term Loan.
    • Hypothecation of Furniture and fixtures and other office equipment financed.
    • For Overdraft against receivables, assignment of receivables not older than 90 days.
  2. Collateral Security :
  3. As per Bank's guidelines for the scheme.

Processing Charges :

  1. Nil up-to Rs.5.00Lac
  2. 0.75% of loan amount subject to a minimum of Rs.5000/- plus service tax with maximum of Rs.1Lac above Rs.5.00Lac.

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