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  • The PPF, 1968 Scheme is a TAX-FREE SAVINGS AVENUE provided by GOI to individuals

  • Eligibility- Scheme is open to individuals and account can also be opened on behalf of minor child, by natural/legal guardian. Joint Account- Not allowed, NRIs – Not eligible

  • Interest Rate – Presently 8.1% p.a. Compounded yearly, rates are announced by Central Gov. periodically

  • Tenure- Minimum 15 years, can be extended to a block of 5 year without any cap with or without additional deposit

  • Initial Deposit Amount- Rs.100/- to open an Account

  • Annual deposit Amount – Rs.500/- to 1.50 lakh per year

  • Deposit Frequency – Deposit has to be made every year for 15 years to keep the account active. Maximum 12 installments in a year

  • Deposit Mode – Cash, Cheque, DD, NEFT, online

  • Partial premature withdrawal and Loan permitted subject to conditions

  • Nomination Allowed

Key Advantages

  • Attractive Long Term Investments

  • Useful for Retirement Planning

  • Tax free Returns – Tax free interest and withdrawals, deposited amount are tax deductible U/S 80C of Income Tax

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