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Concession on Processing Charges on
Car Loan & Housing Loan
* Hsg.Loan 0.5% of loan amt.Maximum Rs.20000
Veh. Loan Rs.500 for 2 wheeler
Rs.2000 for 4 wheeler
Door Step Banking (Cash Pick up to Rs.2 crore &
Cash delivery upto Rs.50 lacs only)
* Agency charges
Delivery slab Pick uo rate Delivery Rate
1-2 lacs 160 210
2-4 lacs 240 380
4-10 lacs 380 670
10-100 lacs 1200 1050
1-2 crore 1800 N.A.

Service Charges - Rs.25/-
Cash handling charges - above 10 packets Rs.10 per packet.
Service Tax as applicable.
Preferred Banking Services ------
Charges for non Maintenance of minimum
quarterly average balance
Rural - Rs. 200/-
S.U.- Rs. 300/-
Urban - Rs. 400/-
Metro - Rs. 600/-
Collection Of Cheques o/s Upto Rs 5000/- Rs 25
> 5000 to 10000/- Rs 50/-
> 10000/- to Rs 1Lac Rs Rs 100/-
> 100000/- Rs. 4.50 per thousand
Min Rs 450/-
5. Minimum Balance Requirement:
(On Quarterly Average Balance basis
  1. For Metro Branches - Rs.7000/-
    For Urban Branches - Rs. 5000/-
    For Semi Urban Branches - Rs.3000/-
    For Rural Branches - Rs.3000/-

  2. Charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance :
    For Metro Branches - Rs 600/- per quarter
    For Urban Branches - Rs 500/- per quarter
    For Semi Urban - Rs.300/- per quarter
    For Rural Branches - Rs.200/- per quarter
6. Cheque Book Charges : 1st Cheque Book of 50 leaf Free with New account
  Individual Non-Individual
Rs.3.00 per leaf Rs.3.00 per leaf
7. Withdrawals Through Cheques
8. Interest No interest is paid in this account  
9. Statement of Account Statement of account will be given free of cost once in a month.
For duplicate statement –
For Non Individual – Rs. 100/- per Statement and
For Individual – Rs. 100/- per Statement ( 40 entries )
10. Nomination Facility Nomination facility is available to individuals and proprietary firm only
11. Other Facilities
  • Cheque Collection
  • Stop Payment
  • Standing Instructions
  • Internet Banking
  • Safe Deposit Vault facility
  • SMS Alerts on deposit / withdrawal more than Rs.5000/-
  • ECS ( CR/DR ) facility is available
( Subject to charge from time to time )
12. Free Service Offered
  • Debit cum ATM Card
  • Inter Branch Fund transfer facility in CBS
  • Balance Enquiry
  • At par cheque facility
  • Internet Banking

Deposit Account Opening Form

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KYC Information

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Part I

Customer Information Form
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Part II

Deposit Account Opening Form
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7.What are the charges for cheque book?

First Cheque Book of 50 leaves is provided with New Account. After that, Rs.3.00 per leaf will be charged (subject to change from time to time).

8.Is Nomination facility available?

Individual/ proprietary firms can nominate one person.

9.What are the charges for getting Statement of Account in Current Account ?

Statement of account is provided free of cost once in a month.
For duplicate statement – Rs. 100/- per Sheet ( 40 entries )

10.What facilities can I get with Current Deposit?

  • Debit cum ATM Card
  • Inter Branch Fund transfer facility in CBS
  • Balance Enquiry
  • At par cheque facility
  • Internet Banking

11. Are there any Premium segments available in Current Deposit?

Yes. There are three variants of premium segment of Current account viz. CENT SILVER, CENT GOLD & CENT DIAMOND with additional benefits viz. Free cheque Books, Free Drafts, Free Ledger folio charges, Concessional door step banking facilities, Concessions in Processing Charges in Retail Loan proposals, Concession in Locker rent, and many more.
Quarterly Average Balance Requirements of premium variants-
Variant Silver Gold Diamond
QAB Rs.50000 Rs.200000 Rs.500000

12.Is there any facility available for current account holders to receive interest on idle balance remaining in the account?

The Bank is providing Cent Samvridhi Current Account with Auto sweep facility as an option to the customers for transferring idle money lying in their Current accounts in to units of fixed deposits attracting higher interest rate.

Quarterly Average Balance (Rs.) Minimum Threshold (Rs.) Minimum Threshold (Rs.) Minimum Deposit Period SWEEP INFrequency SWEEP IN Method
200000 200000 25000 7 Days DAILY LIFO

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