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Eligibility :

  1. All Artisans involved in production/manufacturing process.
  2. Preference to Artisans registered with Development Commissioner (Handicrafts).
  3. Thrust in financing would be on clusters of Artisans and Artisans who have joined to form Self Help Groups (SHGs)


To meet credit requirements of Artisans both investment needs as well as working capital in a flexible and cost effective manner to be implemented in rural and urban areas.

Quantum of Finance :

Maximum Rs.2.00Lac (Term Loan and Working Capital).

Margin :

  1. No margin for loan up-to Rs.25,000/-.
  2. For loans over Rs.25,000/- margin is 15%.

Issue of Cards :

Issue of Photo Card cum Passbook incorporating name, address, borrowing limit, validity period etc. While the Photo Card would serve as Identity Card, the Passbook would facilitate recording of transaction on an on-going basis

Terms of Repayment :

  1. Valid for 3 years subject of an annual review.
  2. No Processing fees to be charged at the time of Review/Renewal of card.

Security :

Hypothecation of Asset financed

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