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With the slogan of ‘TEAM CENTRALITES’ the Institution has build a strong Team of around 41,000+ dedicated employees who are promising to turn this Institution as a force to reckon with in the Banking Industry. The following pictorial representations depict this team spirit among the CENTRALITES :


The internal leaders who are promising to rise in the organsiational hierarchy are developed through various programmes which are as under :

  • Imparting intensive Leadership Development programmes preferably through deputing to external Institutes of repute
  • Providing constant avenues to exhibit and harness their leadership qualities through nominating them to important assignments of business significance
  • Evolving different career tracks for potential leaders in difference to the regular tracks of promotions
  • Offering opportunities to handle their choice job roles
  • Constant performance assessment and incentivising it through providing monetary and non-monetary incentives
  • Tweaking the HR Policies to foster exceptional growth in their career graph
  • Leverage and institutionalize their expertise by encouraging them to disseminate their success stories throughout the Institution


Some of the major Innovative HR Practices introduced by the Bank to enhance the Corporate excellence are as under :

  • Strategic HR Manpower Plan.
  • Induction of young talents through recruitment mode.
  • ‘Performance’ and ‘Merit’ are the key determinants for career elevations.
  • Transparent and value-driven Performance Appraisal Systems.
  • Transition from ‘Successive Plan’ to ‘Succession Plan’ – Formulation of robust & sustained Succession Plan.
  • Capability Building & Knowledge Management – A constant thrust.
  • Attaining ‘Inclusive Growth’ through enhanced knowledge among lower-rung workforce.
  • E-learning – Towards making the Institution a ‘Learning Organisation’.
  • Launching exclusive Portal for sharing ‘ Major HR Policies & Schemes – An endeavour to disseminate the HR Policies and Schemes among workforce.
  • ‘Performance-linked Incentives’ : A step towards attaining ‘Inclusive Performance’.
  • ‘CENT SAMADHAN’ – Web Portal for expeditious resolution of staff grievances.
  • ‘CENT-SUJHAV’ – Web Portal for Employee Suggestions – A creative step toward encouraging employee participation in Management.
  • Silver Jubilee Award to employees – An inspirational step towards rewarding Organisational loyalty.
  • ‘Scheme for presenting memento to staff members at the time of their retirement on reaching the age of superannuation – A good-will step towards maintaining bondage beyond service.
  • Instituting ‘HR Excellence Award’ among Regions – An initiative to encourage field functionaries to implement the Corporate HR Practices with mission mode.
  • Enhancing confidence levels among officers.
  • Communications from the desk of Chairman & Managing Director – A manifestation to Transparency and Openness in Management functioning.
  • Town Hall meetings by Chairman & Managing Director / Executive Directors : A step further towards enhancing the Transparency.
  • Establishing ‘Grievance Cell’ for resolution of retirees’ grievances.
  • Business Development Meetings with representative Unions – A Novel way of promoting ‘Workers Participation in Management’.
  • Concern on ‘Work-Life Balance’ of employees.
  • Allowing study leave to employees – A step towards enhancing intellectual capital.
  • Extra-ordinary leave with full pay upto certain period of hospitalization in case of major diseases.
  • Introduction of ‘Sabbatical Leave for Women Employees’ : A reflection of Management’s concern for the problems of Women Employees.
  • Grant of duty leave and reimbursement of full medical expenses to employees who sustain injuries during the course of performance of duty.
  • Scheme for extending Legal & Financial support to officers against whom motivated false complaints are made by outside people/agencies.
  • Exgratia payment to the legal heirs of the deceased employees OR Compassionate Appointment to the next kin of the deceases in certain circumstances.
  • Gradual shift from Employee-Welfare’ to Employee-Wellness’.
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