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“To make HRM a strategic business partner by leveraging HR for the competitive advantage of the Bank in tune with business strategy, planning and Corporate goals of the Bank.”


The following definition of the term ‘CENTRALITE’ , a passionate name representing the ‘TEAM CENTRAL BANK’ truly portrays the Management’s philosophy towards its ‘People’ :

C – Creating Commitment towards the Task
E – Employee Engagement for heralding a culture of ‘Most Preferred Employer’
N - Non Traditional in approach towards – business & people
T – Trust in Team Building
R – Respect to Employee
A – Agent of Change
L – Learning Organization
I – Incentives for High Performance
T – Transformational Leadership
E – Equity & Fair Play

The philosophy being followed for each of these themes are as under :

C Creating Commitment towards the Task :

We aim to align and empower employees to deliver the appropriate customer experience in a consistent fashion. Theseprocesses include, but are not limited to, internal communications, training support, leadership practices, reward & recognition programs, recruitment practices and sustainability factors. All these endeavours are aiming at to create a volition among the workforce towards the assigned tasks.

EEmployee Engagement for heralding a culture of ‘Most Preferred Employer’ :

Our philosophy of “Employee Engagement” equates it with both Emotional as well as Transactional relationship of employees with our Bank. Only when employees are aligned with both the dimensions, they will be strongly motivated and optimistic about heir work goals and will deliver superior performance to help the organization to achieve desired goals. Our Pan-India presence of more than 4300 branches gives opportunity to the employees to serve nearer their home town and also gives choice for promotional posting. These endeavoures are aiming at to make the Institution a Most Preferred Institution for the job aspirants.

N - Non Traditional in approach towards – business & people :

Over a period, o graduated towards breakthrough innovation and it has been ingrained in its culture so as to keep the Institution constantly on dynamic mode. We have been the flag bearers in changing the way banking has been done in India right from specialized industry best technology platform for serving clients to Benchmarked practices followed for Business delivery. Our employees have been aptly tuned to the same in terms of their skills, knowledge and attitudes etc.

T Trust in Team Building :

Our employees are urged to work smarter and not just harder, in an effort to deliver the desired results. It is the joint efforts of the whole team that eventually decide the success or failure of a project. Team building helps to foster better and open communication between the employees themselves, as well as between the employees and the higher management. It goes a long way in improving professional relations, understanding and co-operation, and this is very much reflected in the quality of work being executed in the Bank. Hence, as a Corporate philosophy, our Bank laid more thrust in building cordial relationships, cohesive well-knit Teams to have shared vision and collective efforts to achieve the common goals of the Institution.

R Respect to Employee :

Laying renewed focus on enhancing respect in our work environment is one of the strategies to support employees to feel valued. Respect can be demonstrated through verbal and non-verbal communication, our behavior, the choices we make and how we delegate responsibilities.
We believe in adopting ultimate moral attitude towards our juniors, peers, subordinates and seniors and uphold an environment where everyone is treated equally and fairly.

A Agent of Change :

We believe in inculcating the entrepreneurial culture which rely on informal and personal networks. Advanced support mechanisms are in place which enhances coordination across different business verticals of our bank. It allows our employees to work through business dilemmas and come up with solutions that are thought provoking and meet the problems we may face in future. We inculcate a passion among our workforce to transform themselves as ‘Change Agents’ and Brand Ambassadors of our Bank thereby creating value to the Institution for its competitive advantage.

L Learning Organization :

We have evolved a progressive, contemporary Learning systems where the employees are kept constantly on learning mode with a passion and urge to learn new knowledge. Our learning systems are the role models for other peer banks and such systems start from ‘on-boarding’ of new employees and nomination to external learning Institutes of high repute. The Training in overseas has been made performance-driven and the proven performers are being provided with enough opportunities for overseas training. All these initiatives are aiming at to turn the Institution as ‘Learning Organization’, in pursuit of constant competition that is emerging in the banking space.

IIncentives for High Performance :

We aim to ensure that all our people are appropriately remunerated and rewarded for high performance. Remuneration should be equitable and sufficiently competitive to attract, motivate and retain the best people. We also recognize the contribution of our people who provide excellent service to, or ensure the safety of, our customers or their colleagues. We have a variety of internal recognition programs and processes in terms of issuance of appreciation letters etc to recognize the better work done/executed in addition to cash pay-outs in terms of performance-liked incentives in recognition of high performance.
We are regularly assessing our programmes to determine whether they are hitting the value target of employees. This value is balanced against the rewards cost of the population’s changing needs for making positive impact on the minds

of our employees in terms of Bank’s investment in their personal and professional lives. These initiatives are aiming at to build and sustain a high performance culture right across the Institution.

TTransformational Leadership :

We believe in developing our leaders who have the ability to get people to change, to improve, and to be led. It involves assessing associates’ motives, satisfying their needs, and valuing them which in turn, make our Bank more successful by valuing its associates.

Our Managers are being nurtured to provide the “additive” effect of Idealized influence, Inspirational motivation, Intellectual Stimulation &Individual consideration for pulling together the components to reach “performance beyond expectations.” The whole exercise is to transform the ‘Managers’ into ‘Leaders’ who should be more creative and developmental than focusing on maintenance roles.

E Equity & Fair Play :

We are an equal opportunity employer. ‘Equal employment opportunity’ refers to employment practices that are designed to enable existing and potential employees to compete on their merits for employment, promotions, transfers, training and other employment related benefits, without reference to diversity traits such as gender, race and disability.

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