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True to its continued transformational model of Banking business, Central Bank of India had changed its symbol, logo and baseline in 1982 so as to state its objectives in more clear and better terms and to give a new meaning to its motto. The present form of symbol and its concept and meaning is as under :

The common man generates savings that are mobilized and channelized for the development of Industries. The Industries contribute to the prosperity of the Nation. The Nation in turn provides for the welfare of man.

The four squares in the symbol of the bank represent the four focal points, viz., Man, Finance, Industry and Nation evolving their harmonious inter-relationships, on which the Bank focuses the services rendered by it vis-à-vis its role in the economy. The bars that join the squares effectively depict the two-way interactions between the said focal points of the Bank. Further, the symbol implies the Bank’s role in establishing the desirable balance between ‘Man’ and ‘Industry’ and between the ‘Nation’ and ‘Finance’ by placing the focal points at top, bottom and at sides respectively.

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