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NO. Features Rural Semi-Urban Urban Metro
1 Initial Deposit Amount for Opening of the A/c Rs.250 Rs.500 Rs.1000 Rs.1000
2 Quarterly average balance required to be maintained Rs. 50000 Rs. 50000 Rs. 100,000 Rs. 100,000
3 Free Cheque Books (per annum) 60 leaves Free 100 leaves Free 150 leaves Free 200 leaves Free
4 Debit-cum-ATM Card(Primary/Add-on) Free Free Free Free
5 Internet / SMS / Phone Banking Facility Free Free Free NIL
6 Online Tax Payment Facility Free Free Free NIL
7 Stop Payment Instruction Charges Free Free Free Free
8 Standing Instructions Regn. Free Free Free Free
9 Account Statement through e-mail /
e-Statement (fortnightly)
Free Free Free Free
10 Issuance of Balance Certificate / Interest Certificate Free Free Free Free
11  Duplicate ATM Card 25% concession 50% concession 75% concession Free

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